Monday, August 14, 2006

Sayed Hassan You were Wrong

Sayed Hassan with all due respect, YOU WERE WRONG

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

انهمرت دموع رئيس وزراء لبنان فؤاد السنيورة

دَمٌ يُرَاقُ وَدَمْعَتِي ......... كَدَمِ عُرُوقِ فُؤادِ
وكلّ دَمْعَةٍ غَلَبَتْ ........ عَبَرَتْ حُدُودَ فُؤادِ
وأذا الدمعةُ رَدَّتْ ........... عَدُوّاً ذَادَ فُؤادِ
صُمُودِي دَمْعَةٌ صَدَّت ....... عدوَّ بِلادِ فُؤادِ
فَعَنْ بلادِي أَذُودُ ............. وَلَوْ دَمَعَ فُؤادِ
Arabic poetry above is by Ossama

We have all witnessed a historical and an emotional moment of PM Siniora's genuine love to his country and to his people. PM Siniora once again has proven how much Lebanon deeply means to him.Crying can be interpreted by many as a sign of weakness and despair but also weeping before the Arab ministers and the world can be a powerful message from a war torn and defendless country like ours.This event has taken me back to pay a tribute to a great leader, "our martyr Rafik Hariri", may God bless his soul and rest him in peace, Amen. Apparently, martyr Hariri's indisputable love to Lebanon has significantly rubbed off on PM Siniora.Despite our suffering and pain we will prevail, God willing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thanks, But..... we need your support

Many thanks to all of you who asked about me and showed their support. I really appreciate it and need it to cope with all the destruction and death surrounding me. I need your support to stop the mass massacre that my people are facing as a result of the Israeli attacks on my country. My country is under attack with a level of aggression that I have not seen in my entire life. Barbaric acts against civilians, with no attention paid to the difference between children, women, elderly, and the handicapped on one hand, and fighters on the other. Everybody is a target for the bombs that are falling on us like black rain, like fire balls, from military planes that have not left our air since Wednesday July 12th, 2006. Their horrific noises have deafened our ears. Children's cries of horror are tearing our hearts. We asked for the international community's help to broker a cease fire. They did not care. All they care about are their regional interests.

The aggression is not only against people, but against infrastructure. All the bridges, tunnels, roads, electricity plants, fuel tanks, IT networks, water dams, and every other aspect of infrastructure has been or is being destroyed. Thousands of people have been displaced. We are currently helping people to settle in schools and other public facilities, and trying to supply them with minimum survival amenities.

We did not want war, but they did not ask us. We Lebanese people are tired of war, we want peace. Too many loved ones have died over 20 years of wars. I was born in war, grew up in war, lived through wars, through Israeli occupation, through assassinations, through horror, through displacements, and I had enough, we had enough, Lebanese people had enough, Lebanon had enough! Enough Destruction….enough!

Unfortunately, two Israeli hostages were taken and three were killed, an operation which I am deeply sorry that we could not stop. But does this justify a barbaric attack that has up until now killed at least 1,000 people, injured Thousands, displaced hunderds of thousands, and ruined an entire country? Israel bombed buses with 21 women and children fleeing from their village. Bombed a house killing more than 60 mostly children. Innocent people, running for their lives, not terrorists, not military people but women and children were burnt! The international community remains silent…

This summer was our summer. We were happy to show our beautiful small country to the entire world after we have been rebuilding it for 15 years. We invited friends, family, business people and promised them a lovely time. We were so proud of what we accomplished. In few days, Israel shattered our dreams in an unbalanced, crazy, sad, barbaric act of aggression; high-tech military planes high in the air bombing unarmed and defenseless people on the ground. In tghe first 4 days, Israel destroyed our country, killed our people… Blind Unjustified Aggression! Please help us spread the word. I and all the Lebanese need your support

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Will Nasrallah be wise enough?

Sayyed Hassan, I have always respected you because you are a man and you keep your word but it is too bad am starting to loose that respect and many others are as well.

Within your first interview after PM Hariri’s assassination, you made it clear that you will be the first to ask the punishment of those who killed Rafik Hariri, and no need to remind all what you said about that Man, and what you mentioned regarding what he tried to do and what he did for the resistance and Lebanon!

It is true that Syria yet isn’t proved guilty, but you and everyone knows that Syria is involved, as Syria was in control of everything on ground, and as Syria and its puppets from lahoud w jar, tried to vanish the evidence of the crime, and as neither Hizballah nor Syria or even Lahoud and his team, had accused Israel or any other outsiders!!! They thought, that this crime will be as their other crimes, and people will be sad, for couple of days and that’s it…

Back to the main point, in today’s speech nasrallah said that he doesn’t take orders neither from Syria nor from Iran, well this is pretty good, but how do you expect me to believe so when you are trying to cover the Syrian regime’s ass?

We are all with Syria the country and the people and we are all with the resistance against Israel, we all resisted Israel in Beirut and Saida and we respect Hizballah achievement and sacrifice. Defending Lebanon is something we all support, but till when Hizballah will stay in the grey zone regarding Syria and the Sheb3a Farms, what if Syria at the last moment said it is Syrian land and none Lebanese? Sayyed Hassan, I hope you & Hizballah won’t loose credit and I wish you will be aware not to be pulled into Syrian benefits and loose respects of Lebanese who respect and supported you!

We allied with Hizb in Beirut and Hizb stabbed us in the back and gave Wakim lot of votes, 2elna ma3leh ghalta, and Sayyed hassan said he will investigate this, w hayda khare2 kbir lal hizb, and it was just words in air, ma sifna shi.

Later in the south elections, we had no competition where Hariri and Sa3d, won by tazkiyi in Saida, and despite that we were asked to go and vote for the south as a sign of support toward Al-Mokawamee, and Saida gave hizb more than they ever took votes before from saida.

So I hope Sayyed Nasrallah yroo2 3layna, and be wise enough to stop loosing credits and respect, and act exactly as he said after Feb. 14! If Nasrallah thinks that the Syrian regime will be a true supporter than the Lebanese, then he would be making a Huge mistake!

by Wael

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Trust Mehlis

here is a copy from Beirut Spring latest post,

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The Petition

The "We Trust Mehlis" Petition is now available online. Everyone who believes that Detlev Mehlis is doing a good job should sign it. Tell your friends, your family, post it on your blog/website and encourage your readers to sign it. do whatever you can to let our opinion out. We cannot allow credibility of this man to be tarnished.

Perhaps this latest poll by Aljazeera will get you started:

This is the text of the Petition:

To: International and Arab Media Outlets
We, the undersigned, are noticing with increasing dismay the willingness of various media outlets to propagate the contemptible policy of discrediting Mr. Detlev Mehlis, the German Prosecutor in charge of finding the truth about the Hariri assassination.

We are listening with horror as different groups are trying to cast doubts on his impartiality and on his general integrity.

We have seen how Mr. Mehlis works and we trust that he’s doing a great job; we admire his professionalism and we sincerely thank him for his valuable time.

The Undersigned
Please click here to sign it