Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Abuse of Power

In yesterday’s parliamentary meeting aldyar news paper reported that ex-minister of Interior Michelle el Murr confessed that his closing of MTV in 2000 was a self defense action. He further confessed that MTV being his electoral opponent in the Meten elections meant that MTV was an adversary and had to be closed.

This story makes me ask the following questions:

• Isn’t what MP Murr said a clear confession on his abuse of power?
• Why aren’t there procedures that allow us to sue any governmental official abusing his power?
• Till when will the politicians in Lebanon put their personal interests above that of the community?
• Till when will Lahoud and Murr and the like continue these hideous acts?

In the end, I believe that we are living in the virtual reality TV show “Alwady”, with a major difference, we have Lahoud instead of Haifa as the main attraction.


At February 26, 2006 2:39 AM, Anonymous lebanese said...

Hi dear,
i see you here talking about Lahoud and Murr, forgetting the economical crimes the late Mr Hariri commited in Lebanon since you are talking about transparency and moderation i believe you need to address your self right and point out the real bunch of theives and organised theft like the late Mr hariri and junblat ....


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