Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thanks Rafik Hariri, you were a great politician too!

As this is my first Blog, I want to quote a friend of mine (Abou Balad) who wrote this about Martyr Hariri in the Forum.

I am not a Future Movement Member; however, I am one of the admirers of Martyr Rafik Hariri.. RIP.

I write this because I am not satisfied of the way the media is giving credit to former PM Rafik Hariri, God bless his soul. I think that they concentrate too much on the human activity and charity of that great man, but they are not giving him the credit he deserves as a politician. So I decided to share my thoughts with you, from the perspective of a humble Lebanese citizen, observing what Rafik Hariri achieved to my country. I think we need to understand this and to discuss it.

PM Rafik Hariri (RIP) was one of the rare men ever, who had a real program and a long-term vision for the country. He worked hard in a very hostile environment where he faced a horrible system that had an opposite program with a different way of thinking. Their program was to suck our blood on the image of our “neighbors”. The approach was to use a scale of 3 steps: “1-Warn, 2-Terrorize, 3-kill”. They used these steps with our Martyr, but he was so special in facing them that they needed to add a new element to their artillery: “systematic confrontation” or “Kaydieh”. They did whatever possible to stop his program, no matter if the result is to send the country to hell. For example, they made Paris-2 fail, and they went so far that they put the country out of electricity just to make people think it is his fault. But just as he said:

il balad z3hir, ma fi shi byitkhabba. Koullil oumour btin3araf”!!

Our duty, his lovers, exceeds by far the simple repetition of this horrible story. FM is now entitled to continue the program, this is “Amana Fi A3nakena”. As I see it, this program is aiming to achieve the noble goals of democracy, national unity, independence and prosperity.

Despite the hostile activity, Hariri could achieve a lot of his program. Whatever the level of achievement, it is a FACT that today Lebanon is much better than at the day Rafik Hariri came in. Let me try to say the way I see it from a normal citizen point of view.

Independence, he was so near, and achieved it at his death. But the danger is that if we loose it again, it will be final. If we don’t show the world that we are capable of ruling ourselves, the international community will leave us to our destiny, this time for good!

National unity was his permanent occupation right on the top of his agenda, and he proved it with REAL ACTS. He had a clean national program that is above any sectarian consideration. It is a fact that many Hariri followers are Sunna, but it is a fact too that Hariri’s program was a national program with pure national visions and ambitions. He never had any sectarian shadow of thing among his political discourse, his program and his political activity. He has many followers from all Lebanese families, and he cared equally for all Lebanese families. Why Sunna followed him more than others? It is because the sectarian or confessional speech never had any significant success among the Lebanese Sunna community. The history proves that Sunna think “nation” not “sect”, and they will continue to do so. It is one of Hariri’s success stories that he could attract behind him a majority of his sect into a national non-sectarian discourse. Unfortunately, this is so rare in the modern Lebanese history.

Democracy, he always fought for it, and it was the bigger source of headache and issues with the hostile securitish system. He had many redlines, and he crossed them many times and had a big trouble. An example is when he invited Michel Aoun in 2001 to come back home, but the so named “justice” apparatus declared that the General would arrested. Hariri also opposed the closing of MTV and other stuff but unfortunately the justice and the security institutions are outside the constitutional authority of the Prime minister, and moreover they were hostages of the hostile system. Also Future TV building got missiles to terrorize him when he was trying hard to face the atrocities of that system.

Prosperity, that is the dream almost gone with Rafik Hariri. I swear to god that if this man could lead Lebanon for a while after the next elections, under the new independence and without the hold-up of that mafia, it wouldn’t take him more than 3 years to make Lebanon like Switzerland. However, what could Rafik Hariri achieve in the presence of that hostile system? Many people ask this question playing the blinds and saying that all they remember is that wrong number of “40B” debt. According to my numbers, the debt is 34B, of which only 20B where borrowed in the mandates of PM Hariri. Many have analyzed and explained where is the responsibility of this debt. They show clearly that PM Hariri was actually the victim of the corruption, and that his rebuilt project took no more than 6B to 7B, and the result is an extraordinary success story.

Want a witness? the United Nations that gave him the Price of Development in Madrid late 2004 for his "great success of rebuilding Lebanon so well and so fast"...

In my knowledge the growth of the debt increased this way:

Hrawi/Berri/Hariri 1992 -1998: Debt from 6B to 18 B. Yearly economic growth > 7%

Lahoud/Berri/Hoss 1998 -2000: Debt from 18B to 24B. Yearly economic growth <>I invite each one of you to help me complete my list, because I am sure I miss many important things despite its length.

1. Highways: North, South, Ehden, Mountain, Bekaa, internal roads in all cities and departments not only Beirut, and the renewal of the overall transport infrastructure

2. Electricity: the full infrastructure to operate electricity in all the country for 24 hours. Huge. It was achieved and operated perfectly in 1998, until the change of Gov and the hold-up of the mafia on the petroleum issues. The problems we have today with electricity is not due to the infrastructure, but to its operation by an anti-Hariri clan.

3. The Telecom infrastructure: a whole complete and modern infrastructure, based on fiber-optics and the best technologies of that time. But again, you know since 1998 this sector is hostage of Anti-Hariri clan (No3man then Mou3jiza-Korda7i) so they are unable to exploit it well and follow the e-business boom, hence our bad position in this competing economy sector.

4. The water infrastructure and network

5. The airport for 6M travelers. Ironically, many criticized at that time this “huge project” and invented the joke of “building the stone”. Now that the tourism flourished due to this and other efforts of PM Hariri, they are envisaging a further enlargement. But for sure, those criticizers will never change their minds about their jokes, or they will jump to new ones without any revision, they are just born to criticize destructively and they can’t do any better

6. The Beirut downtown, the JEWEL of Lebanon and the symbol of the reconciliation

7. Stabilization of the Lebanese Lira vs dollar at 1500 while it was 3000 and growing up with no limits. He restored the confidence in the national money.

8. Big increase in salaries: “typical” salary grew from $40 to $800.

9. The conference of Paris-2, where more than 100 countries met to help Lebanon overcome its economic difficulties. In one day they gave 5B of aids, more than USA could get for Afghanistan in 3 years! And they were ready to give as much each year according to the reforms progress, but the hostile clan combated the reforms..

10. Extraordinary success stories in the foreign policy: Tafahoum Nissan which was the diplomatic side of the victory against Israel. Arab and Farncophone summits and visits of top-level presidents (Pope, Chirac..). This helped restore the confidence.

11. The Lebanese university: the unified huge complex of Hadath, for which the people of the university dreamed and demonstrated for 4 decades. Another big complex in Fanar.

12. Public education. The number of students in the public university grew from 20.000 to 70.000, and its budget increased from $10M to $110M. The public schools increased in number, stuff and students. I don’t have numbers.

13. Huge improvement in healthcare and social services. Healthcare was drastically improved while it was almost ZERO in 1992.

14. Government hospitals, one in each region.

15. 4 Olympic stadiums that welcomed many very important sportive events including Asia-2000 (prepared at the previous mandate of Hariri)

16. Many developments in the private economic sectors, like hotels, services and modernization of the banking sector. The tourism flourished back in his days.

17. Rebuilt of the army and the “Security services”. This wasn’t Hariri’s job of course, that’s why we see the brilliant result now. However, the army and security costs, since 1992 to current, 2 billion dollars per year in each budget.

18. The parliament, the presidential palace, the speaker palace, the government palace, all official buildings…

19. Computerization of most ministries and administrations. The degree of success in each depends on the competence of the ministers that were named by different political forces…


At August 14, 2005 3:07 AM, Anonymous OBJECTIVIOUS said...

Harir did some good things and bad things. What about St-Georges hotel for example?

At August 14, 2005 4:14 AM, Blogger khaled said...

What about Saint Georges Objectivious?

Please tell me what wrong was done?

Is Preventing St Georges from demolishing the landmark hotel to build a new one there bad?
We all know that Solidere's policy does not allow any old bldgs that could be salvaged to be demolished.. I guess that is great.. Salvaging our heritage..

or is it preventing St Georges Hotel from taking ALL the marina that was built by Solidere instead of only using the part that is facing it is also bad?

At August 24, 2005 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The marina of Solidere was formerly known as the St-Georges Yachting club. The st-georges marina dated from the 20's. It was legal but was closed by a governmental decree in the 90's.

Let us not forget that a tribunal ordered Solidere to stop the construction of the 6 meter high wall (what kind of marina have a 6 meter high wall by the way LOL). The sole purpose of this wall is to punish the st-georges and prevent it from having a panoramic landscape.

This did not prevent Solidere (=Hariri to continue to build the wall) of course.

And all this for what reason? Because the guy refused to sell the hotel to Hariri. The same Hariris who are annoying the Habtoor hotel under fallacious reasons.

Hariri was a relatively good men in Lebanese politics - this is hardly a good thing. But don't think he was a saint.

At August 24, 2005 12:47 PM, Blogger khaled said...

No you are mistaken.

Saint Georges was illegally using the whole of the marina way before Solidere.

The law allows the owner of a land at the sea front to get ONLY the sea front in front of it.

St Georges Hotel, abused this law and not only made its marina in front, but added to it the sides of its property; thus forming a U shaped. and it was all done ILLEGALLY.

There was a dispute between St Georges and its neighbors; like the Lebanese Army; as the Lebanese Army (which owns Monro Hotel) protested about St George’s Hotel illegally enlarging its Marina and include in it the water front that is legally for the Lebanese Army. Later there was a deal with Solider and the Lebanese Army, which stated that Solidere builds a hotel on the Army’s land (now the Monro Hotel), and give the army some rights to the marina, in exchange for the water front.

Please review the facts before making any claims.

At August 24, 2005 12:48 PM, Blogger khaled said...

PS: anonymous
please look at the 20's map and advice how big was the marina then compared to today. You will notice that they are exactly the same.

At August 24, 2005 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep... except that it's solidere now.

At August 24, 2005 6:12 PM, Blogger khaled said...

The marina that is built by Solider is for Solider.

Part of that Marina (St George's) part is still the same size as it was in the 20's and in 1975 before the war, and is still owned by St Geroges.

At January 26, 2007 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Hariri will go down in history as the 20th century's most unabashed thief. He entered politics with a net worth of around $4B, which grew to a whopping $16B by the time he was assassinated. He was a master in the arts of corruption, nepotism, and embezzlement at the expense of the hapless and misinformed Lebanese people.

At October 04, 2008 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the person on top :D

he was a fuken bastard, he blocked all roads to the st georges so no one could get there, and also blocked st georges marina, just because the owner didnt sell the hotel to hariri - he doesnt have to sell the fuken hotel - HE OWNS IT !!

At April 10, 2009 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only History will tell and credit that Rafik Hariri was the most talented THIEF of history .

He came to Lebanon with few hundred million dollars (some say that he was in debt) and died with over 16 Billion dollars stolen out of the pockets of the Lebanese People

- GDR's pre-paying 36% per annum (he was the great benefitter and this alone costed the Lebanese treasury ove US$10 billion)
- The play of the dollar in May 1992 that brought him to power
- Solidere
- CDR and the Consulatants that surcharged the Lebanese Govt for factual and illuisonist project
- Sukleen
- Cellis
- Libancell
- Oger
- .......etc

He came to power and the Lebanese Goverment was indebted by less than US$ 2 billion despite the fact of the incapacity of the incapacity of the Lebanese Govermant to collect taxes, levy, dues, phone & electricity bills during the war years ..etc and he left it with US$50 Billion Dollars .

Defenitly he was not alone, he had partners in crime , the Syrian trio (Khaddam / Kanaan / Shahabi ) and his Lebanese counterparts (members of the future movement leadership (Farid Makari and the sorts),jumblatt &Co....etc)

History shall certainly be the judge (if its ever allowed to show the reality and the real figures) that he rebuilt part of Lebanon ( Areas that were directly beneficial to him (Solidere) or to people that he wanted to buy or to land that he bought and needd infrastructure at the expenses of the Lebanese taxpayer)but all AT WHAT COST and that HE WAS A MASTER THIEF . If not dead he should have been proscuted and jailed and forced to pay back what he took away.

Read a book called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (ISBN 0-452-28708-1) is a book written by John Perkins and published in 2004 and you will think that you have read a biography of Rafik Hariri , are they related ?? Perhaps by the same controller

At July 01, 2011 11:24 AM, Anonymous Michel said...

Hariri is ali baba, he is the biggest thief in lebanese history. He is the puppets of syria and usa at the time when michel aoun was fighting for freedom. how can you praise an extremist muslim thief who broke lebanon under a 60 billion USD dept if you were not blind and brain washed by your hatred and sunny extremism. You people are bringing us way down deep into the decadance of the third world countries by your stupidity and low IQs.



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