Friday, September 30, 2005

Infrared triggering mechanism might have caused Martyr’s Hariri assassination:

Today Reuters reported : Sources close to the Investigators believe the truck bomb was detonated remotely, possibly by an infrared device to bypass jamming equipment in Hariri's motorcade, the source added.

That is the most plausible technical explanation I have heard in relation to the mode of triggering of the truck. As the Motorcade of Martyr Hariri was equipped with Radio Frequency Jamming Devices that spread over a wide spectrum of frequencies. Since Infrared is not a RF Signal, it is rather Energy (or as commonly known as heat) it can bypass all the RF jamming equipment the motorcade was equipped with.

For example, a person's body generate some sort of infrared energy in the surroundings, and the principle of alarm detection is based on detectors that detect this infrared energy emitted by the body or an external source and triggers an alarm.

Technically speaking this is plausible, as all what is needed is:

a) Line of sight

b) The assassin will be equipped with a High power infrared transmitter, such as a laser link (which can have a distance in Kilometers); or even something similar to the Military laser used to paint targets making them easy for airplanes to hit

c) A receiver to be mounted on the truck

d) The receiver connected to a relay and hence to a triggering device..

Once the motorcade of Martyr Hariri passed next to the truck, the assassin fired or pushed on a button causing the transmitter to send an infrared energy that is picked up by the receiver, and hence detonation.

To make it simple for non technical persons, I do not know if you watched Arnold Swazinger's movie "Predator", well the idea of the movie is that the alien sees the infrared energy transmitted by the person to locate his presence.. Now there is a device that generates high power infrared energy that travels through kilometers... And this is the sort of thing Reuters was referring to.

To make it more simpler, take the TV or Stereo remote control (which works on the Infra Red technolgy, with the receiver built in the TV set), it has a range of several meters. Think of a similar device but with hundreds of meters range, so a similar device could have been the trigger.

That is something I never thought off.... So as Jamil Sayed said, the assassin is either an Einstein or a jackass, I think what best describes him as Mikari said (A jackass who thought he was Einstein)

It Already Started, Hizballa defending Syria Against Mehlis Report..

Hizballa has been refusing to issue any clear stand in regards to the Mehlis investigations; however, from time to time they said they want CONCRETE proof.. and by concrete proof they mean that only confession is accepted.

Well many have speculated on what will Hizballa's stand will be after the report is published, I think this stand is already starting to show, today Manar TV started the Anti-Report campaign by reporting that Melhis Report has no concrete proof implicating any one, and all what Mehlis managed to find out was the logistics on how the assassination occurred...

mmm, my bet is we are going to start seeing Hizballa defending Syria very very soon..

As a fried of mine said: I think Hizballah will accept a Syrian indictment... if there is a picture of Bashar with his finger on the button, and saying cheeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Update October 4th 2005

I couldn’t help but notice the figures that attended meetings held with Nasralla yesteday:

Omar Karami: a strong ally of Syria and Strong Anti FM

Abdel Rahim Mrad: Known for being Syrian Intelligence and a big promoter of Baathist Arabism and a strong ally of Syria

Weam Wahab: No need to mention his virtues.. but similar to Mrad; however, he has higher seniority than Mrad,

The question is, what is being cooked?

What information is beibg relayed between Syria and Nasralla?

I guess the answers to these questions will be apparent in the coming days.. but in my personal opinion it has to do with the plan they have to follow in discrediting Mehlis report

Update October 6
Things are getting clearer, reading the newspaper today, and based on the statement issued by Wahab after meeting with Karami my guess is that the meeting with Hasan Nasralla was to presuade him to join the Bka3 Sefreen gathering.. This Gathering incldues in it ALL the Pro-syrian so called politicians......

and according to the statements released by the members of this Gathering, this gathering is getting ready to discredit Mellis if the report accuses Syria.....

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thank you Mon General

Thank you Mon General

At a time of crisis, we should unite together and work hand in hand to overcome it.

At this time of crisis we want national unity where we all should rise above our differences.

At this time of crises, ALL of us the Lebanese are targeted and not a group of us.

In the past day(s), the opposition making fun of the efforts made by the government is bringing the Lebanese further apart, they are NOT BRINGING them together.

So General Aoun. I appeal you not to mock the government as you are doing, you and all of us know that this is the intention of the bombers and you are helping them by your attitude.

No matter what your views are in this issue, KEEP THEM TO YOUR SELF, we must be UNITED and step above all the differences and portray ONE UNITED WORD.. I Hope you do get the picture

Other opportunities may come where you can Mock the cabinet, and you may mock the cabinet in many other issues, it is your right, But I do not accept that you mock it in this issue and prove to the enemies that they are succeeding in their scheme..

Well come to think of it, you do not care, you NEVER cared..
You want to increase the division..

All you ever cared about was the number of seats you could get, from parliamentary elections into Cabinet nominations and now into the presidency.


MAY we Help?

(From beirut Spring Blog)
There are some ways you could be of use:

  • Send May flowers or a letter of appreciation as indicated in the poster above.You can send flowers online from here, here, here or here
  • If you’re in Lebanon, you can join today’s demonstration in Freedom square
  • If you’re a Blogger or you manage a website, please use the above poster in your site.
Most importantly, let’s all stay calm, remain resolved, and be confident in a better future, Lebanon cannot be killed!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Kofi Anan : most of 1559 is done, sponsor countries are Happy

Few Days ago, in a press conference *, Kofi Anan said that he and the sponsor countries was happy with the implementation of UNSCR 1559 and that the Syrian withdrawal accompanied by the free elections meant that the majority of the UNSCR 1559 is already executed.

He further said that disarming of the militias is being handled by the Lebanese government and again the countries who sponsored 1559 are happy by the way things are going.

From the above, I deduced that the sponsors are not in a hurry to see the full implementation of 1559, further more, they are happy with the way things are moving in Lebanon.

To me this is great news, as I do not see any international pressure for disarming of hizbala in the near future. This means that all the negativity that might have been caused by this demand on the internal front will cease to exist.

On another front, Lahoud's visit to New York was boycotted by almost every one; however, we see that MP Hariri and Sanyora are meeting many international leaders. PM Sanyora meetings are to discuss the various ways they can Help Lebanon.

Hariri and Sanoyora's meetings with major players show that the international community are not boycotting Lebanon, but are rather boycotting Syria's appointed president (Lahoud).

Putting all the above together further show that the expected international aid to Lebanon is not connected to the full implementation of 1559.

For Aoun Supporters, this is bad news as backing the full implementation of 1559 is not anymore a presidential pre-qualification.

* I heard the conference on CNN and couldn't trace a written document.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What transparency is required from Syria's past?

Yesterday GW Bush Said that Syria is not cooperating, he mentioned this particular phrase "Syria is not transparent in what it DID in Lebanon"

Most of the Lebanese news papers and the TV news miss-translated that phrase, and they linked it to Bush is bashing Syria for the Syrian intelligence that is still in Lebanon...

Well if the was the case, then in my humble opinion, the phrase would have been said in this way: "Syria is not transparent in what it is Doing in Lebanon"

Now going back to the original phrase, first : It is clear Bush is referring to something that Syria DID in Lebanon and cooperation is being asked from her on TRANSPARENCY on what she DID what could it be?

Now linking both words transparency and DID lead to a conclusion that USA already believes that Syria assassinated Martyr Hariri, and USA are asking Syria to be transparent on this issue.

In what other issues is serious transparency required in something it DID???? And not is still doing?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Truth is a demand an objective and Not a slogan

I have been reading several anti-Future Movement (FM) sites, newspapers, and I even heard several MP’s all of those are saying that “The Truth” is a slogan used by FM as an excuse to rule the country.

To those I like to say that “The Truth” is a demand, an objective by MOST of the Lebanese, the demand for truth has outgrown FM to be the demand of MANY Lebanese, I say MANY as I do not include in the MANY those who criticize FM for asking for “The Truth”.

FM is not like others who are protecting the Presidency Position, using the “El Makam Reasi” as a SLOGAN to keep who ever is there until it is the right time/circumstances to put their General into that Position.

The slogan “El Makam el Reasi” is a joke created to keep Lahoud in place, coz the ones who created this slogan know that they do not have a chance to get their General to the presidency now.

This group of People does not mind if the country is in a standstill, if the country does not move forward, just because their General can not become the president.

They prefer to keep the country in this situation and to keep a suspected murderer in his position so that no one other than their General replaces him, again they do so by the SLOGAN “El Makam Al Reasi”

Mark my words, you will see them flip on this slogan when they feel that their General can become the President, at that time, they will Jump on the “El Makam Reasi” and start attacking it fierce fully… their MP’s will even vote to on the amendment of the constitution to shorten the renewal term of Lahoud.

I just wish that those people really practice what they preach, work for the wellbeing of Lebanon and not for the wellbeing of the all mighty General.