Friday, September 30, 2005

It Already Started, Hizballa defending Syria Against Mehlis Report..

Hizballa has been refusing to issue any clear stand in regards to the Mehlis investigations; however, from time to time they said they want CONCRETE proof.. and by concrete proof they mean that only confession is accepted.

Well many have speculated on what will Hizballa's stand will be after the report is published, I think this stand is already starting to show, today Manar TV started the Anti-Report campaign by reporting that Melhis Report has no concrete proof implicating any one, and all what Mehlis managed to find out was the logistics on how the assassination occurred...

mmm, my bet is we are going to start seeing Hizballa defending Syria very very soon..

As a fried of mine said: I think Hizballah will accept a Syrian indictment... if there is a picture of Bashar with his finger on the button, and saying cheeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Update October 4th 2005

I couldn’t help but notice the figures that attended meetings held with Nasralla yesteday:

Omar Karami: a strong ally of Syria and Strong Anti FM

Abdel Rahim Mrad: Known for being Syrian Intelligence and a big promoter of Baathist Arabism and a strong ally of Syria

Weam Wahab: No need to mention his virtues.. but similar to Mrad; however, he has higher seniority than Mrad,

The question is, what is being cooked?

What information is beibg relayed between Syria and Nasralla?

I guess the answers to these questions will be apparent in the coming days.. but in my personal opinion it has to do with the plan they have to follow in discrediting Mehlis report

Update October 6
Things are getting clearer, reading the newspaper today, and based on the statement issued by Wahab after meeting with Karami my guess is that the meeting with Hasan Nasralla was to presuade him to join the Bka3 Sefreen gathering.. This Gathering incldues in it ALL the Pro-syrian so called politicians......

and according to the statements released by the members of this Gathering, this gathering is getting ready to discredit Mellis if the report accuses Syria.....


At October 20, 2005 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Khaled,

we are just few hours away from the report, and I just want to share with u the fears many of us share: can u imagine the report to be technical or simply missing a closure part (like when israel withdrew and left chebaa pending or when syria was kicked out and left deir el achayer), I cannot believe that later that night we may have faces like Wahhab or Nasser Kandil or Abu Jassem or Mrad or all the other syrian dogs starting to come out and brag about the innocence of the syrian terrorist regime ... it would be a nightmare !!! These guys are just waiting for a crack to infiltrate through ... Even if Mehis says Syria has nothing to do with it, there is no way we will believe it, it is them 1000000000percent I have no doubt about it. I am praying hard, i am so afraid of being disappointed tomorrow, we the lebanese have so much tender hearts that we elevated our expectations so high lately, i just hope Melhis will not disappoint us / another thing I did not like this week is the visit of our God bless him Sheikh Saad to Egypt, I am so worried what a dictator like Husni mubarak would have told him, I am sure husni tried to convince him that "haram" syria and that we should take it ez on syria because it will xplde the situation ... WELL LET IT EXPLODE because it will remove regimes like that of Husni the mafiosi dictator right after Bachar's fall down inshalla . Al Hakika Li Ajl Lubnan, God rest Rafic Hariri soul in peace and hope that his blood will not go in vain ... END.

At July 14, 2006 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey libanis people, i am israely living in france and i tell u, fuck the hizbollah and fuck Nassralla, go and kill him and his familly he is your Shitan, i like libanis people and i am sorry for you that you do'nt eliminate Nassralla.

At August 03, 2006 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At August 16, 2006 11:05 PM, Anonymous ayman ايمن said...

hay khaled i'm arab that lives in israel .. palestinian from the 48 i don't know why i'm talking in english we are arabs after all ..

but i want all the ppl here to understand what i'm talking about

we love hisballa and i'm christian not just christian i'm living in israel i have money here not just money cars maybe power ..
look , we love them i l know that israel lost the war against lebanon what ever you say what ever thay say on tv thay lost .. you all should be thankful to the fighters the fought for you and your children for your future for your country .. we love lebanon

نحبك يا لبنان رفعت راسنا

At November 02, 2006 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a wonderful lebanon, all the fucking world wants to have it, but some stupid ignorant lebanese are willing to give lebanon to the siryan regime, guys it's obvious that the crazy aoun wants baabda chair, Nothing but the chair, he's willing to sacrifice by all the lebanese to have baabda chair, But we will let him sit on it upside down, nasralla believe that he's god, he's defending the syrian regime as i m 100% sure that the syrian ordered husbolla to murder hariri and all others, all the cars were prepared in the square zone in dahieh.
a single word for the christian guy from the lovely palastine, dear the difference between us and someone like you is that we refusedto sell our land and bare in mind that the crazy nasralla will kill every single lebanese who stand infront of his irani believes.
for the lebanese guy who named sirya allied by dogs he's wrong , a dogs are much more civilized than
dEar friend at the end if i was forced to choose between the west and between sirya, again if i was forced i will choose the west. at the end hope that bashar, lahhoud, will end like saddam.
a free lebanese Mansour S. A.

At November 13, 2006 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn u people...i don't understand y u blame sayyed hassan and hizballah.u don't even have proof that they protect syria.hezballah has liberated south lebanon and i don't think they did it 4 syria and about the assasination of rafik al hariri u cannot blame someone without concrete proof has been given.u r treating syria like it is worse than israel.where is ur patriotism?is that how u pay back hezballah for liberating lebanon?by saying that they serve iran and syria?plz understand that they r only having friendships with them and that's not wrong.and 2 the israeli bastard:get the hell those lebanese who deny that hezballah serves lebanon...u must be thankful to those fighters that gave up their lives 4 lebanon.
mohammad faour


At October 20, 2008 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know the real picture of Islam ...

finally Exposed !!!!

At October 20, 2008 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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