Friday, September 16, 2005

Kofi Anan : most of 1559 is done, sponsor countries are Happy

Few Days ago, in a press conference *, Kofi Anan said that he and the sponsor countries was happy with the implementation of UNSCR 1559 and that the Syrian withdrawal accompanied by the free elections meant that the majority of the UNSCR 1559 is already executed.

He further said that disarming of the militias is being handled by the Lebanese government and again the countries who sponsored 1559 are happy by the way things are going.

From the above, I deduced that the sponsors are not in a hurry to see the full implementation of 1559, further more, they are happy with the way things are moving in Lebanon.

To me this is great news, as I do not see any international pressure for disarming of hizbala in the near future. This means that all the negativity that might have been caused by this demand on the internal front will cease to exist.

On another front, Lahoud's visit to New York was boycotted by almost every one; however, we see that MP Hariri and Sanyora are meeting many international leaders. PM Sanyora meetings are to discuss the various ways they can Help Lebanon.

Hariri and Sanoyora's meetings with major players show that the international community are not boycotting Lebanon, but are rather boycotting Syria's appointed president (Lahoud).

Putting all the above together further show that the expected international aid to Lebanon is not connected to the full implementation of 1559.

For Aoun Supporters, this is bad news as backing the full implementation of 1559 is not anymore a presidential pre-qualification.

* I heard the conference on CNN and couldn't trace a written document.


At September 24, 2005 9:14 PM, Blogger Charles Malik said...

I don't know if supporting 1559 was ever a necessary quality to become president. In fact, I don't think a President who based his candidacy on 1559 would win.

But it is good news to know that the international community supports Lebanon and is trying to help us achieve indepence through whatever means. If that means not intruding about Hezbollah's weapons to deflate Nasrallah's bluster, then so be it.

Lahoud was not elected by Lebanese deputies. He was elected by Lebanese deputies with guns to their heads (Hariri, while Nicolas Fattouche was bought) and fake ballots that got them elected (Nasser Qandil, Assem Qanso). The international community is right, he is not the representative of Lebanon.

Hezbollah wants to keep him because they are grasping for any tie to Syrian. The Christians want to keep him for now because they don't want an unrepresentative president who will roll over for whichever political party supports him. That's what Christians have gotten for the last fifteen years (Hrawi, Lahoud).

At September 25, 2005 2:11 PM, Blogger khaled said...

You are right about that, but to most of FPM supporters, they do not sieze saying that Aoun has great chance in becoming president as he is the only candidate who is publically supporting 1559.


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