Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Truth is a demand an objective and Not a slogan

I have been reading several anti-Future Movement (FM) sites, newspapers, and I even heard several MP’s all of those are saying that “The Truth” is a slogan used by FM as an excuse to rule the country.

To those I like to say that “The Truth” is a demand, an objective by MOST of the Lebanese, the demand for truth has outgrown FM to be the demand of MANY Lebanese, I say MANY as I do not include in the MANY those who criticize FM for asking for “The Truth”.

FM is not like others who are protecting the Presidency Position, using the “El Makam Reasi” as a SLOGAN to keep who ever is there until it is the right time/circumstances to put their General into that Position.

The slogan “El Makam el Reasi” is a joke created to keep Lahoud in place, coz the ones who created this slogan know that they do not have a chance to get their General to the presidency now.

This group of People does not mind if the country is in a standstill, if the country does not move forward, just because their General can not become the president.

They prefer to keep the country in this situation and to keep a suspected murderer in his position so that no one other than their General replaces him, again they do so by the SLOGAN “El Makam Al Reasi”

Mark my words, you will see them flip on this slogan when they feel that their General can become the President, at that time, they will Jump on the “El Makam Reasi” and start attacking it fierce fully… their MP’s will even vote to on the amendment of the constitution to shorten the renewal term of Lahoud.

I just wish that those people really practice what they preach, work for the wellbeing of Lebanon and not for the wellbeing of the all mighty General.


At September 14, 2005 2:23 AM, Anonymous Naim J. Aoun said...

Yeah, like you dirty harirists practice what you preach !
If it weren't for his money, your fake cheikh saadan would still be struggling in high school. He is so NAYY, marshmallow, no personality.
You guys smell corruption. You only idolize money. You have no decency, no honour.
You stole 44 billion dollars and you dare lecturing GMA, the only honest leader in Lebanon.
Don't you know that your "martyr" bought his wife from her exhusband when he became rich thanks to Saudi dirty money. Why else would she have married this short fat ugly guy who smells oil and petrodollars ?
PS. your blog sucks. Check your stats. No one even comes here.

At September 14, 2005 1:21 PM, Blogger khaled said...

Naim J Aoun,
Your comments simply portray your background.
I will not go down to your level

At September 28, 2005 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Khaled,

I think you post is exactly the kind of things that give an impression to people that THE TRUTH is just a slogan, here is how.

You say :
... to keep a suspected murderer in his position so that no one other than their General replaces him, again they do so by the SLOGAN “El Makam Al Reasi”.
Mark my words, you will see them flip on this slogan when they feel that their General can become the President ...

In your zeal to bash the FPM you forget the fact that the president is not a suspected murderer (yet).
He is many things, (including stupid and corrupt and a puppet and friend of suspected murderers ...) but Mehlis specifically said he is not a suspect.
The day that Mehlis says he is suspect and the FPM keep defending him then what you are saying becomes true, but until that day (which I hope is close) you are simply wrong.
Remember Walid Jumblat had a press conference the same day of the Mehlis interview but he cancelled it when mehlis sayd specifically that the president was not a suspect.

We asked for the international community to do an investigation specifically so we can know who is guilty and who is not, or at least who is suspect and who is not regardless of the people that I or YOU want to blame it on.

If you want you can say that the FPM are supporting the president who is corrupt, or who is a syrian pupet or firends with murderers or whatever then it would be another debate, but if you are using the "he is a suspected murderer" line then (until the investigation says otherwise you are simply wrong), even more you are being double faced, shouting for the truth on one side and slightly -just slightly- modifying it to fit your agenda on the other side.

This is what people mean when they say "the truth" is only a slogan.
It does not matter how much good faith you are acting on, it does not matter how right is your cause, When the title of your action is the truth you cannot afford to modify it and go steps ahead of the investigation and guess some untold things because you are sure they are right.

Do you see what you are doing?
At least do understand how people look at your behaviour?

I hope you can answer the point I am trying to make. And tell me why I am wrong if you think I am.


At September 29, 2005 12:26 PM, Blogger khaled said...

My Dear P,
Many thanks for your valuable constructive input.

All what I see is that GMA is protecting the president and will only stop protecting him when he sees that the chances for him to become president are high.

As for your well phrased answer to whether Lahoud is Guilty or not, I can answer in the following way:

When a person refuses from day to nominate an international committee for investigation, and then bows under public pressure. Then yes he is partner in crime

When a person protects suspected murderers Like Hamdan, then he is partner in crime.

When a person halts the investigation on weapons that were found in Beirut simply because it implicates his top man (Hamdan), then yes he is partner in crime.

When he bows after public pressure exerted by the prime minister and the investigations in the weapons found resumes despite his will, then yes he is partner in crime.

When a person tries to help and harbor a terrorist who is wanted in Lebanon for illegal possession of arms and other terrorist stuff, then he is partner in crime.

And at the same time asking the Lebanese ambassador to the UN to trim the authorities of this international committee before it is being formed, then yes he is a partner in crime.

Now going back to your statement “he is many things, (including stupid and corrupt and a puppet and friend of suspected murderers ...)”

Unfortunately, our constitution does not allow ANYONE to question the president unless he (a) breaks the constitution or (b) commits Grand treason, so officially no ONE can question or even point an official finger to him, unless there is clear Confession (and that will not happen)

Now since you based your whole argument on the “Suspected murderer” Pleaes replace that part (if you so wish) by Corrupt…..

Isn’t “Anti-corruption” the slogan of FPM? If that is true then why is FPM protecting someone whom you portrayed as corrupt, stupid, puppet?

I Guess your answer will be by adopting the Slogan that FPM are protecting “elMakam el Reasee”

At September 29, 2005 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I replaced the "suspected murderer" part with "corrupt" and it makes more sense now :-)
Actually I probably wouldn't have minded so much to post a comment if it was like that in the first place.

My whole problem was that in a post trying to prove that "the truth" is not just a slogan, you slightly twisted the truth in order to oush your polical cause a little bit (in this case show us that the FPM is doing harm).

The rest of this comment is not as important but here goes anyway.

About your "When a person ..." replies, they make sense, they are defineltely logical but are they the truth? Maybe yes (probably yes) , and maybe no!
We should be waiting for Mehlis's report to know (if we want "the truth"), that's all my point.
Or we can just be frank and say that regardless of the truth about his envlovement or lack of in the assasination, we think he is corrupt and should leave anyway because his close people are envlolved EVEN if he is not.

Now about your question:
> Isn’t “Anti-corruption” the slogan of FPM? If that is true then why is FPM protecting someone whom you portrayed as corrupt, stupid, puppet?

I admit, I don't know the answer. I can make guesses just as you make guesses, If you want I can even assert my guesses to make it sound like I am sure of the answer. I will satrt with a similar conversation I once had.

About 5 (i think) years ago Hariri went on TV saying that the syrian presence was Legitimate and necessary. Some friends of mine started arguing with me : why is hariri protecting them ? they were sure he was as bad as them or maybe just a hypocrit.

Back then I was not sure but I coud guess some answers, (maybe he thinks it is not easy to get rid of them unless something big happens then he can work on getting them out, or maybe he thinks as long as he is rebuilding the country and the economy he should leave them to deal with them later or maybe he thinks something he feels being prepared will happen and they will have to leave anyway so why waste time fighting them when he can spend time on other things ...)

But they were so sure the only answer can be: he is defendig them because he is like them.

Fast forward to this comment .
You are sure the you know why the FPM is behaving as such.
You maybe right, but maybe just maybe they do have other reasons. Do you think that is possible?

First of all I am sure the FPM menbers want to see the General replace Lahoud. Which is natural. But is that the only reason as you seem to be sure?

Maybe they think removing the president before agreeing on a replacement is a bad move.
Maybe they think he will be implicated in the Mehlis report and then it will be easy to take him off. Untill then they do not want to set a precendent to bring a -non accused- president down.
Maybe they want to take Sfeir's view into account.
Maybe the way things are now (with all the suspicions around him) Lahoud cannot do any more harm.
Maybe they were just being pragmatic like Seniora was doing (until the New York interview)
Heck Maybe they are protecting the "elMakam el Reasee" :-)

I see many possibilities , you concentrate on one. (because you have a point you want to make)

The thing that bothers me the most in your theory is the attitude of Sfeir, do you also think that the ONLY possible reason for sfeir's behaviour is because he was General Aoun and no one else to replace Lahoud? It seems highly unlikely to me ... Kornet shehwan was almost "his" creation!
In that case whatever reason Sfeir has, maybe that's the same reason the FPM have. Just maybe!

Again I don't have a definite answer, all I have is this sense that your firm answer did not convice me, just a feeling like the one I had about Hariri back then ...

At September 30, 2005 1:28 AM, Blogger khaled said...

It is a bit late when I read your post, tomorrow you will have an answer:-)

At October 04, 2005 1:51 PM, Blogger khaled said...

Sorry I took long to answer, but here are my comments:

1 - Since you wouldnt have minded if the corrupt replaced "suspected murderer" then I consider this issue closed.

2 - Then you say that you have no idea why FPM are covering for lahoud, or let me say (not attacking lahoud for being corrupt) then I kindly ask you to review the truth post we are both commenting on, also note that you confirmed my comments in it when you commented that it is natural for FPM wanting to see GMA as president..

2 - I am with you that the truth is to wait for mellis report. but when you see the 4 generals protected by Lahoud, I believe that some-one high enough gave them the orde, as they wouldnt act on their own.. and in my opinion it is either Syria, Lahoud or even both. So I have the right to label him a suspected murderer, and that does not negate the fact that we are asking for the truth.

3 - as for the Syrian presence/occupation in Lebanon and Martyr Hariri's stand towards it, please review this blog I made

At February 10, 2006 4:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what i like in you (Harirists?)

You think that Lebanese dont remember what kind of Syrians you were since 1992.

Wake up and smell the coffee....


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