Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Was Kanaan Mehllis's Secret Witness?

Ok, these thoughts have been crossing my mind...

  1. In the last interview he made he said clearly in Arabic (Bifteker) "I Think that" this is the last interview I Can make".
  2. According to AP as posted by naharnet, "He left to go home then he came back after three quarters of an hour, took a gun from the drawer and fired a bullet into his mouth,"

Why did he use the words "think" and "can"? Why didn’t he confirm that this was his last interview?

Why did he go home, then went back to the office?
Why did he kill himself afterwards?
What happened that made him do the interview, then go home and back to the office?

My bet is the following:

  • Kanaan could have been the Secret witness of Mehllis
  • Mohamad Sadik was a hoax created by Mehllis to divert suspicions away from Kanaan
  • Syria found out, when he arrived to his office in the morning, they forced him to make the radio interview...
  • While doing the interview, he felt that it could be his last; hence he used the words “think” and “can”
  • Upon completion, officials gave him the choice of either being brutally killed along with his family or he commits suicide while giving him assurances that if he commits suicide, his family will be safe.
  • He chose the suicide scenario.
  • As a last wish, he asked to say farewell to his family, they accepted
  • He went home came back to the office after 45 minutes
  • He committed suicide
Update 13th October:
  • Almustaqbal news paper hinted to such a theory in its headlines
  • Walid Jumblat made a press conference in which he almost defended Kanaan, which might suggest my theory.
Update 16th October:
Assafir news paper mentioned:
  • Mehllis is asking for an autopsy of Kanaan's body,
  • Mehllis is also asking for an investigation that should determine the source of the information broadcasted by NTV (the TV station that broadcasted information related to the investigation that the Mehllis team did with Kanaan)
Here is the extract from Assafir:

توقف ميليس امام حادثة انتحار وزير الداخلية السورية اللواء غازي كنعان، وطلبه رسميا من سوريا السماح له بالتحقيق في الحادث بما في ذلك اعادة تشريح الجثة. وكذلك فتح تحقيق حول مصدر المعلومات التي اوردتها محطة <<نيو.تي.في>> حول مضمون التحقيق الذي اجرته اللجنة مع كنعان

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Future Movement and Syrian Occupation / Presence

There are different types of resistance:

Method One: Resistance in Exile

Is to Leave Lebanon and resist from outside (like what GMA and Raymond Edde did)

Method Two: Resistance from Inside
Is to stay in the country and resist politically from outside the cabinet, then either end up in Jail (ja3ja3) or get murdered (Ramzi Iranai)

Method Three: Resistance from Within
To resist from within
Try to make the country better, by fighting politically and try to have the country ready when the occupation is removed.. That is what Martyr Hariri did.

One of the virtues of Martyr Hariri (by testimony of many) was dialogue, he always tried every door, if the door closes he used to try another door...

In 1998, he felt that his method will not work, so he went out of the government and tried Method Two... Which led to false imprisonment of his guys.

In 2000, and despite the counter efforts, Martyr Hariri won the elections and went back to practice the third way, if you remember the first thing that he insisted on was the re-deployment of the Syrian troops; at that time Syrian troops left Beirut and other parts of Lebanon (but unfortunately the intelligence forces remained)..

Now coming in 2004, he again as in 1998 saw that all the doors are closed, he went back to Method Two which lead to his Martyrisim....

Now even if I consider the assumption that Martyr Hariri Was Pro-Syrian, he changed, he got murdered…. While others are STILL Pro-Syrian..

SO I beg all of those who are saying nonsense to stop saying it.. If he was pro-Syrian he would still be Between us

If we take a different approach to this issue, I would like to ask those who criticizeize FM position during Martyr's Hariri era, the same question about their position from 1990 to 2000, regarding the Isareli occupation.

I am not here trying to say that they supported the Israelis for I deeply know that they didn't support them, but to understand the Non FPM and LF position regarding the Syrian PRESENCE, you have to search in FPM and LF position regarding Israel. If they deeply didn't care then we didn't care, If they were concerned but thought that they can do nothing, then the same applies to us. If they wished that they can do something but thought that the methods used were wrong then so we did.

All this to say that yes some people worked and wished that Syria will never leave, Some others didn't care, others were supportive in their way, Some would have loved to to resist but in their way, and some WERE with FPM on august 7th. and all this is now OVER for the most important now is not who and when started to resist Syria or Israel.

The most important now is to build a better future for our children, and together.