Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Was Kanaan Mehllis's Secret Witness?

Ok, these thoughts have been crossing my mind...

  1. In the last interview he made he said clearly in Arabic (Bifteker) "I Think that" this is the last interview I Can make".
  2. According to AP as posted by naharnet, "He left to go home then he came back after three quarters of an hour, took a gun from the drawer and fired a bullet into his mouth,"

Why did he use the words "think" and "can"? Why didn’t he confirm that this was his last interview?

Why did he go home, then went back to the office?
Why did he kill himself afterwards?
What happened that made him do the interview, then go home and back to the office?

My bet is the following:

  • Kanaan could have been the Secret witness of Mehllis
  • Mohamad Sadik was a hoax created by Mehllis to divert suspicions away from Kanaan
  • Syria found out, when he arrived to his office in the morning, they forced him to make the radio interview...
  • While doing the interview, he felt that it could be his last; hence he used the words “think” and “can”
  • Upon completion, officials gave him the choice of either being brutally killed along with his family or he commits suicide while giving him assurances that if he commits suicide, his family will be safe.
  • He chose the suicide scenario.
  • As a last wish, he asked to say farewell to his family, they accepted
  • He went home came back to the office after 45 minutes
  • He committed suicide
Update 13th October:
  • Almustaqbal news paper hinted to such a theory in its headlines
  • Walid Jumblat made a press conference in which he almost defended Kanaan, which might suggest my theory.
Update 16th October:
Assafir news paper mentioned:
  • Mehllis is asking for an autopsy of Kanaan's body,
  • Mehllis is also asking for an investigation that should determine the source of the information broadcasted by NTV (the TV station that broadcasted information related to the investigation that the Mehllis team did with Kanaan)
Here is the extract from Assafir:

توقف ميليس امام حادثة انتحار وزير الداخلية السورية اللواء غازي كنعان، وطلبه رسميا من سوريا السماح له بالتحقيق في الحادث بما في ذلك اعادة تشريح الجثة. وكذلك فتح تحقيق حول مصدر المعلومات التي اوردتها محطة <<نيو.تي.في>> حول مضمون التحقيق الذي اجرته اللجنة مع كنعان


At October 12, 2005 10:15 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Your theory on Kanaan collaborating with Mehlis is interesting. There's something strange: Kanaan is dead while Ghazale is not (for now). Why?

Maybe because Kanaan tried to oust Bashar (Joshua Landis wrote something about it). Kanaan tried to use Mehlis against Bashar and was punished for trying to seize power, not for assassinating Hariri. All the intelligence we have indicates that it was Bashar who was at odds with the late prime minister.

One last thing: guys like Kanaan tend to keep documents in Swiss banks... You never know.

At October 12, 2005 10:26 PM, Blogger khaled said...

Vox, he might keep such docs; but they will not appear if his family is threatened....

As for Ghazale, he is not dead coz he did it.. Kanaan didnt .. he might have known aboout it but didnt order it.. he told Mehlis, thus he is now dead

At October 13, 2005 12:12 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

Kanaan offered to tell all if he was given immunity! He knew everything! I think he was part of group who planned killing Hariri. That does not mean that he agreed to it. Kanaan rumored that he said he follows orders! I think it was Maher or even may be Bashar! If there is evidence that Bashar ordered the killing and the US and France got that evidence, they are not telling Bashar that and are trying to make him get rid of his men one by one!
Regarding the Mehlis report, Kanaan may be was the secret witness. In two weeks we will know! If kanaan hide documents, we will know sooner or later. Wait for his family to leave Syria to be free to speak up.
The bottom line, that thug was killed and others will follow him!

At October 14, 2005 12:40 AM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Khaled, damn you are right!

At October 14, 2005 3:41 PM, Blogger khaled said...

Vox :-P

At October 14, 2005 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your theory. I like to add though that the Syrians are behind the report on NTV the night before. They knew that NTV would jump on the made-up report because they know of the close relationship between Tayssir Khayat and Emile Lahoud and how much he hates the martyr Rafic Hariri

At October 23, 2005 3:45 PM, Blogger Ramzi said...

I think your theory cannot be refuted at this point and may very well be the case.
They "made him an offer he couldn't refuse!"

At November 29, 2005 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kin3an son was forbid from saying him and he tried to enter the hospital by force and he broke his hand and was not able to see his dad.

Even they burried kin3an without letting anybody see him, where his son also tried and he was able to un cover his face only.


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